Rental is $125.00 plus taxes, $141.25 total

This is a great game, also a good team building excercise.  Players start at the tube furthest away from the front of the unit. They place a ball on the tube so it hoovers. They then bend the tube with their hands so the hoovering ball is directed towards the next tube. They use their other hand to bend the tube towards the first tube, so the air streams cross. With a little practice they will be able to transfer the ball to the  second tube. They then go to the third tube and so on. When playing as a team, player 2 uses tube 3 and works with the player on tubes 1 and 2 to successfully transfer the ball. Takes great team work and cooperation to accomplish this. Remember, this is a race and your opponent(s) are across from you.

Unit uses a standard household plug for power. Uit is about 8 ft. by 8 ft. and about 8 ft. tall.