Air Games are a fun and unique rental that challenges the skill of the player. They work just like putting a ping pong ball on the exhaust of a vacuum cleaner, causing the ball to hoover in the air stream.  Each unit is about 8 x 8 ft. and 8 ft. tall. They require a ordinary household plug for the inflation fan.

Floating Gallery-  The player must throw a ball to  knock the floating ball off the air stream from a distance of about 8 ft.

Baseball Kiosk - The player uses a plastic baseball bat to hit a hoovering ball into the baseball diamond and score points.

Pass the Ball - 2, 4 or 6 players at a time must pass the floating ball from one tube to the next without touching the floating ball, instead just use the air streams from the tubes. When they get to the end they must drop the ball into a basket. Very challenging and fun. Good Team building unit.

Rental rates are $125.00 plus taxes $140.00 per game per day. Axe Trowing Contest is $180 per Day Plus Taxes $201.60